Insulation and ventilation
Insulation and ventilation are designed to keep you and your family comfortable and ensure the durability and energy efficiency of your roof. They work together to make your home a cozy and healthy place. When insulation and ventilation are less than perfect, your entire home suffers.

Insulation and ventilation in the roof are 2 key factors that maintain the sustainability of your home.

Inadequate insulation and/or ventilation can have consequences on the integrity of your home. Couvra can ensure the insulation and ventilation in your home provides optimal performance, energy efficiency and comfort.
Roof Insulation

A properly insulated roof helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, and requires less heating and air conditioning. Best of all, it improves the energy efficiency of your home and lowers the costs associated with heating and electricity.

Insulating materials are installed under the roof covering to curb the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the house. In Quebec, the most used insulating materials are mineral wool, glass wool, rock wool, expanded polyurethane and blow-in cellulose. The insulation must be installed according to code to ensure optimal energy efficiency and prevent thermal bridging.

Couvra has the expertise and equipment to properly insulate your roof, improve the energy efficiency of your home and save you money.


Proper ventilation allows air to circulate under your roof. It is extremely important because it evacuates hot and humid air from inside the house. In addition to preventing condensation, good ventilation also reduces the accumulation of moisture and heat. Plus, it preserves the structural integrity of the roof and framework by extending the life of the materials. Ultimately, this prevents mold from forming so that the air inside the house is healthy and free of impurities that can be harmful to you and your family.

The main elements of a roof ventilation system include soffit vents, roof vents and attic vents.

You can count on the Team of experts at Couvra to install an efficient, healthy ventilation system that will exceed your expectations.