Our commercial services
Invest in your peace of mind
Whether you own a business, a multiplex residential building or an office building, a commercial building is an investment you need to protect. That’s why Couvra is committed to ensuring the repair of your roof provides peace of mind for years to come.

Commercial shingle and elastomer roofing

We are committed to delivering a final product that meets your expectations. Our experienced team consists of certified professional roofers. (RBQ number, CNESST, APHQ)
We take every measure to ensure users and occupants of the commercial building are safe while the work is being done. We also take care of the permits required for occupancy and/or street blocking.
You are covered with Couvra. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products and a 10-year guarantee on the installation, making it the best in the industry.

At your service for your commercial property

Couvra offers different services for your commercial building.
  1. Roof replacement
  2. Roof repair
  3. Roof inspection and preventive maintenance
  4. Rooftop snow removal
100% free accurate quote on site or via satellite.

We are always happy to provide a totally free estimate of any roof work that needs to be done on your commercial property. We offer a clear, detailed quote for your roof that is transparent and fair. Our objective is to exceed your expectations and stay within your budget. 


– A thorough, customized evaluation of the work required.


– An accurate assessment of the costs.


– Solutions and advice to fix the specific problems your property is facing.


– Clear answers to any questions concerning the work required to replace or repair your roof.

A turnkey commercial service.

The 7 steps of a commercial roofing project with Couvra.


  1. First, we take the time to understand your project and needs in order to create a tailor-made solution. Afterwards, we provide you with a free estimate of the work that needs to be done.
  2. We establish a security perimeter around the building, then we remove the old roof and dispose of it in the most ecological way possible.
  3. We carry out any corrective work on the structure. We also install the vapour barrier, support panels and insulation, if your project requires them.
  4. We replace accessories such as vents and skylights and ensure they are properly sealed.
  5. We install new elastomeric or shingles and use specific treatments to make sure it is waterproof. For an elastomeric roof, an underlay is installed and welded onto the structure  to keep it water tight.
  6. We thoroughly inspect the work to ensure it meets our high standards.
  7. We methodically clean the worksite and restore it to the way it was when we first arrived.